become our habit to forget when the enjoyment of human being together. Position (position), wealth and women are "things that are often neglected human through life. Sometimes we forget that every human being run roles like actors in a stage. we should know that the role in which we live today is temporary. Glad or hard, rich or poor, officials or ordinary citizens is one condition which will be held accountable by Allah SWT.
As a man who had been delivered to this earth we should understand what, who, how, where and the other is the question we should responsibility. There are still many things to do, still many thing we must fix, enough good deeds we have done during This, or bad deeds are always coloring ....
This is a muse for us before time stopped, before the delicious revoked and before the death of fetch.
A ruler must understand that to what should be done. Merchants, entrepreneurs, farmers and various social status will be held accountable against all activities conducted.
Sometimes we are proud to deceive others. Sometimes we are pleased to have successfully destroyed the lives of others; we sometimes uproariously after fooling others; even we feel could be after what we heard other people say, but it is not yet certainly provide benefits for the sustainability of the crowd ..
Seconds seconds of life continues we passed .....
only two options at the end of this life, either at the end or bad end and there is only 3 things that will continue to accompany us continuously namely jariyah charity, beneficial knowledge and a pious child ....


Clean is a very good behavior to live healthy lives. life is always clean to provide good feedback for those who always take care of, for example avoid self clean us from all disease, clean environment to give life more robust in preventing various forms of disease that can destroy the next life. 
Clean lifestyle is highly recommended in Islam that can support all the activities our life and activities of daily life in meeting their daily needs as well as life in doing ubidiyah to Allah SWT. 
Literally, net of the disease rightly be applied as early as possible. Nevertheless, there maknawiayah clean word that also determine human life continuously clean the hearts of all liver disease. 
"What is heart disease" maybe we already know from the beginning, but the disease heart is like a deadly parasite plants plants where he lived. 
Heart disease if left without treatment so as he also will turn off all deeds that we have. 
Some examples of liver disease that often branches descend ourselves: - Iri - Envy - Arrogant - Ria - Takabbur - Ujub - And other branches miraculous. 
Diseases above if infestation by a man then all vitamins (deeds-deeds) will be in eating / destroyed by him like a flame that burns dry wood ashes remaining non-beneficial. If we let this continue then we have been preparing for the fires that will burn all of our lives both in this world and hereafter. 
There have been many examples in the course of Allah Almighty give them the life of this world which has been possessed by liver disease, such as Fir, un, Qarun, Tsa'labah, Abu Lahab, and others. They are the ones who have failed in this life for letting liver disease landed his heart. Obviously Allah SWT has told their story in the book 
Noble Qur'an to be a lesson for the people of the natural successor to an end. 
Allah SWT also has provided examples of people who succeed in cleaning heart of all diseases, they are the Prophets and Messengers of Allah and the Companions who always
trying to eliminate the liver disease in accordance with the guidance of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Now let us look at ourselves, Which heart disease continues to be maintained? or no effort to turn it off, or maybe we do not memperdulikannya .... 
Examples have been a lot of that in the proclaimed ... now we choose to live healthy lives .....
Lapangan Udara Maimun Saleh

Lapangan Udara Maimun Saleh

 Catatan Sejarah Lapangan Terbang MAIMUN SALEH

Esok harinja tanggal 2 Agustus 1952 djam 06.35 djenasah alm. sdr. Maimun diangkut dengan pesawat dari Pangkalan Udara Tjililitan ke Kotaradja (Atjeh) tempat dimana alm. tersebut dilahirkan.
Alm. Maimun Saleh dilahirkan pada tanggal 14 Mei 1929 di Kotaradja.

Berturut turut ia mendapat didikan pada sekolah ,,Taman Siswa’’ dan ,,Sekolah Menengah Islam’’ di Kota kelahirannja itu.

Pada bulan Agustus 1949 sdr. Maimun Saleh diterima mendjadi murid penerbang di Kotaradja dan pada tahun 1950 ia dipindahkan ke Sekolah Penerbang di Kalidjati dimana ia telah berhasil memperoleh idjasah sebagai penerbang klas 3 pada 1 Pebruari 1951. kemudian ia masuk Squadron IV (Pengintai Darat) dan turut serta dalam semua operasi jang didjalankan oleh Squadron tersebut.

Dengan gugurnja sdr. Maimun Saleh, Angkatan Udara kita kehilangan pula jang mempunjai hari kemudian dalam pambangunan Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia. Achirnja kepada keluarga alm. sdr. Maimun kami dari Angkasa atas nama seluruh Anggota AURI tak lupa menjampaikan perasaan turut berduka tjita atas gugurnja sdr. Maimun.

Almarhum adalah seorang Penerbang Daerah Istimewa Atjeh, telah gugur pada tanggal 1 Agustus 1952 dalam usia kl. 25 tahun dan dimakamkan di Aneuek Galong Sibreh Ketjamatan Suka makmur Kabupaten Atjeh Besar. Guna mendjadi kenang2an nama : MAIMUN SALEH telah diabadikan untuk lapangan terbang Militer LHO’ NGA dan Detasemen AURI Banda Atjeh (dahulu Koetaradja) pada tanggal 9 April 1954 oleh Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia.


Aceh Green is a progressive vision of the new direction of development of Aceh post-conflict and disaster stunami, especially with renewable natural resources as a major foothold.

The term and the idea was first Green Aceh ejected from Irwandi Yusuf since first elected as Governor of Aceh in Aceh local elections directly in 2006.

The idea of Aceh's natural resource management of sustainable and equitable has been thought Governor Irwandi years since his guerrilla in the woods, during active in the Free Aceh Movement. He was concerned after seeing the devastated Aceh's forests are exploited by the owners of capital but the results are not much enjoyed by the people of Aceh. Even people just assume a variety of disaster caused by the destruction of forests in Aceh.

After the governor was elected governor of Aceh, he immediately moved quickly to establish the development of Aceh should be based on Aceh's natural resources management sustainability for the benefit of future generations, and the results can be enjoyed equally by society.

Governor of Aceh Irwandi Green highlighted a number of strategic agenda as an effort to arouse the people of Aceh's economy, among others, in the field of forestry, renewable energy, fisheries and marine sector, restructure Aceh, public infrastructure and other activities related to natural resource management sustainable.

The activities were coordinated in a single container Secretariat Aceh Green. The Secretariat is tasked with ensuring all basic agenda established by Governor Irwandi running and integrated in all stages of development planning in Aceh by the Government of Aceh, the provincial and district / city.
Secretariat Aceh Green also became the center of information together about ideas, ideas and policies of sustainable economic development of Aceh in order to realize the ideals of the people of Aceh a prosperous and equitable.

Biggest anaconda snake found in the amazon

Sounds like an episode of the adventures of Indiana Jones movie. After 23 years doing research on ancient cultures who lived 3000 years on three continents with the help of satellite imagery, a father and son to travel incredible deep into the Amazon jungle to confirm their theory that there is a giant anaconda is far bigger than ever known to live in this forest. They find it, even took a picture.

Mike Warner (73) and his son Greg (44) found a snake called a 40-meter long body with a diameter of 2 meters. This snake has mengkerdilkan entire giant snake has ever known so far.
Anaconda's body color is not green but dark brown and is known by locals as "Boa Black" or "Yacumama". "Yacumama translated as" Mother Water ", his Leviathan jungle, and the existence of this snake has been confirmed by history and culture of the people of the Amazon.
Mike, a blind side has spent 23 years researching the existence of this creature, but only 6 months ago he received an additional spirit when her son found documents his research and decided to join this extraordinary research. Mike who had saved all his life for this expedition immediately went to Amazon with Greg in a small team.
Local residents interviewed said that if the snake was swimming, river water will shake violently and the snake was to pounce on a monkey who was in the tree as fast as lightning. They then took more than 700 photos and 5 hours of video recordings. After that they traveled home to examine the photos.
"The data we collect is extraordinary. We found many paths that are created when the snake is moving. We see the trees 90 feet tall collapsed due to pass this serpent. And most importantly, we managed to take a photo one of these creatures when he are moving in the water. " Said Greg.
Their team spent 12 days in the wilderness in March 2009 and announced their findings on May 2, 2009.
The reports on the existence of a giant anaconda snake can be traced backward until 1906 when colonel Percy Fawcett who is sent Royal Geographical Society to create a map of the Amazon jungle to find traces of anakonda width of 6 feet, or about 1.8 meters. And according to Greg, notes colonel Fawcett has helped it find a giant snake.
Greg said, "The real hero is my father. He spent 23 years to researching the existence of this snake and determined to succeed when others have been desperate."
Now they have shared their findings to the Government of Peru, National Geographic Society in Washington and Queens University in Belfast. And they plan to return to the forest to find anakonda other giants, this time with a television crew.

Statement by Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director

International Year of Forests - "Celebrating Forests for People"

2011 is the International Year of Forests (IYF) and celebrations will officially be launched today during the 9th Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests in New York.
This Year, which comes in the wake of the International Year of Biodiversity, represents an opportunity for evolving our work on sustainable forestry to a higher plain.
Forests are an issue with essential links to livelihoods, addressing climate change and other environmental challenges; the UN's Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development as a whole.
This is in part why forests are a key sector within UNEP's Green Economy work - a landmark report which will be launched at the upcoming Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF) - as we work to strengthen all three pillars of sustainable development on the Road to Rio+20 taking place in May next year.
Forests represent many things to many people including spiritual, aesthetic and cultural dimensions that are, in many ways, priceless. But they are also cornerstones of our economies, whose real value has all too often been invisible in national accounts of profit and loss.
This mismatch between reality and perception emerged with full force in The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) work.
It estimates that deforestation and forest degradation are likely costing the global economy between US$2.5 and US$4.5 trillion a year, more than the losses of the recent and ongoing financial crisis.

34 Residents of Aceh in Egypt Arrives in Jakarta

Sat, Feb 4th, 2011, 10:03
* Other Dozens Trapped in Cairo

Aidil an Acehnese who were evacuated from Egypt, arrived at the Haj Dormitory lodging, East Jakarta, Wednesday (2 / 2). Aidil incorporated in the 415 Indonesian citizens who are members of the group's first flight that was evacuated. Porch / Fikar W EDA
JAKARTA - As many as 34 residents of Aceh in Egypt, on Wednesday (2 / 1) and then, arriving in the country safely. They are currently housed in Dormitory Haji Pondok Gede, Jakarta, is part of the 415 Indonesian citizens (citizens) who were evacuated, increasingly following the warming of political and security situation in the country.

"Thank God, we arrived safely in Indonesia. Evacuation process took place very suddenly and rush rush, "said Sulhan, who arrived with his wife and son when found in Dormitory Porch Haji Pondok Gede, Jakarta.

Sulhan situation told the Capital of Egypt, Cairo, very tense. Locals there are arming themselves with knives and machetes. "Local people are very worried because the loss of hundreds of prisoners following the riots in Egypt," said Sulhan.

Sulhan and kerluarga lived in Madinah Nasr. The man from Lhokseumawe this "pilgrimage" to Egypt five years ago, continued his education at Al Azhar University S1. "The situation is very worrisome. Telephone and internet channels were blocked. Our practical, such as confined, "said Sulhan who had been active in Studio Art Seulaweut IAIN Ar Raniry Banda Aceh.

A similar situation diceritkan Raudah Emka, the mother of a child born in Takengon, Central Aceh. Accompanied by her husband, Maryono, Raudah Egypt depicts the turbulent due to the action demonstrations Egyptian citizens who want the fall of Hosni Mubarak from the presidency. "Even though we live some distance from the center of the action, Squere Tahrir, but the impact is felt. So when there is an evacuation notification we immediately go, "said Raudah.

Meanwhile, dozens of students from Aceh were reported trapped in boarding houses in Cairo, Egypt. They can not get out of his house because of security conditions in Cairo that increasingly heated in recent days.

This condition is experienced by at least 48 students from Aceh who lives in a flat in the region Matariah, Cairo. This area to within a few miles from the center of mass gathering of anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Tahrir Square.

"We have our son with 47 friends still trapped in a flat rented one floor together by students from Aceh," said Drs Munasco MSi, father of Muhyiddin Wincolis Natuah, one of 48 students from Aceh who were reported trapped in her home in Matariah , Cairo.

When met at his house, in the region Uleekareng, Banda Aceh, on Thursday (3 / 2) yesterday, which was accompanied by his wife Hj Munasco Eulisa Fajrina Kes, looking dejected. He hoped that the Government of Indonesia, in particular the Government of Aceh could find solutions to evacuate the students from their residence.

"We hope the Government of Aceh to lobby central government so they can evacuate them as soon as possible. In addition, there must be no assurance that they can still go to college upon returning to Egypt after conditions there improve, "said Lecturer Physics Kuala University (Unsyiah) this.

Son Munasco, Muhyiddin Wincolis Natuah, currently registered as a student last semester (level IV) S-1 program at Al-Azhar University, majoring in Arabic. Alumni MAN Model Banda Aceh in 2005, has completed the final exam the first stage, and is currently awaiting the second stage exam schedule.

Ask facilitated
In Banda Aceh, the provincial parliament member of Commission A, H Ghufran Zainal Abidin MA requested the Government of Aceh to facilitate the return of citizens of this area which is now in the Hajj, Pondok Gede, Jakarta. According to him, most of the other party had returned to their respective regions, such as citizen from South Sumatera. They were picked to Jakarta by the local government.

"They beg the attention of the authorities of Aceh. There should be representatives of the Government of Aceh to visit and see first hand, and help return them to this area. The reason of the State Department there is no clarity about their return to Aceh, "wrote Ghufran via short messages (SMS) to the Veranda, yesterday.

Added Ghufran, based on information received it on Thursday (3 / 2) last night, the evacuation of citizens of Egypt continues to be the Government of Indonesia. "Tonight, there's one more group will be flown to Jakarta. Within this group, there were 49 students who participated were flown from Aceh, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Aceh Irwandi Yusuf who contacted Porch related to the repatriation of Egyptian citizens of Aceh, said there were 34 residents of Aceh who returned from Egypt. Much has been picked up by their families in Jakarta. The rest are housed in Dormitory Haji Pondok Gede, Jakarta, around 15 people.

"Now, we're taking care of their return to Aceh by the MOSA. They are mediocre, need not be exaggerated. So, do not need treatment daruratlah, "lid Governor Irwandi Yusuf. (FIK / nal / sal)

MR S.M. Amin Krueng Raba Nasution

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