Biggest anaconda snake found in the amazon

Sounds like an episode of the adventures of Indiana Jones movie. After 23 years doing research on ancient cultures who lived 3000 years on three continents with the help of satellite imagery, a father and son to travel incredible deep into the Amazon jungle to confirm their theory that there is a giant anaconda is far bigger than ever known to live in this forest. They find it, even took a picture.

Mike Warner (73) and his son Greg (44) found a snake called a 40-meter long body with a diameter of 2 meters. This snake has mengkerdilkan entire giant snake has ever known so far.
Anaconda's body color is not green but dark brown and is known by locals as "Boa Black" or "Yacumama". "Yacumama translated as" Mother Water ", his Leviathan jungle, and the existence of this snake has been confirmed by history and culture of the people of the Amazon.
Mike, a blind side has spent 23 years researching the existence of this creature, but only 6 months ago he received an additional spirit when her son found documents his research and decided to join this extraordinary research. Mike who had saved all his life for this expedition immediately went to Amazon with Greg in a small team.
Local residents interviewed said that if the snake was swimming, river water will shake violently and the snake was to pounce on a monkey who was in the tree as fast as lightning. They then took more than 700 photos and 5 hours of video recordings. After that they traveled home to examine the photos.
"The data we collect is extraordinary. We found many paths that are created when the snake is moving. We see the trees 90 feet tall collapsed due to pass this serpent. And most importantly, we managed to take a photo one of these creatures when he are moving in the water. " Said Greg.
Their team spent 12 days in the wilderness in March 2009 and announced their findings on May 2, 2009.
The reports on the existence of a giant anaconda snake can be traced backward until 1906 when colonel Percy Fawcett who is sent Royal Geographical Society to create a map of the Amazon jungle to find traces of anakonda width of 6 feet, or about 1.8 meters. And according to Greg, notes colonel Fawcett has helped it find a giant snake.
Greg said, "The real hero is my father. He spent 23 years to researching the existence of this snake and determined to succeed when others have been desperate."
Now they have shared their findings to the Government of Peru, National Geographic Society in Washington and Queens University in Belfast. And they plan to return to the forest to find anakonda other giants, this time with a television crew.

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